A call boy's experinece, up to a point.


Raise The Bar

Only two clients in, back to business; the second, he could have been a deal breaker. He perhaps would have been if I hadn't had any previous experience. Let me be clear: there was nothing overtly repulsive about the man, but there was also nothing erotic. I've said it before: I get off on desire, and the atmosphere of Eros. This guy... I didn't have an inkling about where his head was, what he was thinking, and he was pretty tight lipped about what he wanted.

And, to be honest, I'm a little rusty. My bedroom ambassador skill-set needs a little brushing up -- I'm also a little nervous and shy after coming back from hiatus. I need to find my, um, rhythm again.

His touch was erratic. He kept moving my hands to different zones of his body with no warning, and without indication of approval or discomfort. He didn't kiss for any longer than a brief second, and when he did, it was tight lipped: a closed embouchure that tasted faintly of scotch. I usually like scotch. It felt like he was somehow resistant to me, but when I think about it now, it's more likely that I was just a prop for him; whatever was going on in his head only required me to be there visually. He had a good relationship with the mirror, the me in the mirror, just not with the me in the room.*

"What do you like?"

I told him twice, because he asked twice, but I don't think he was listening, because not much changed. I started to worry about how this was going. God, a bad review on my second day.... It's not like I wasn't trying. I looked helplessly at my semi-erect state. That, in itself, was a feat.

And then, he wanted me to fuck him. Grand. Simply grand.

That didn't go well. Although we tried. This... and that, but we definitely weren't meshing.

Alright, it's time to change tactics. "I want to see you hard," he kept murmuring. Fine. I started to ignore him, and keep his sporadic touch from interfering. I pushed him back on the bed with one hand, closed my eyes, and worked on it.

Worked on it, and made sure he didn't get in my way.

This, apparently, was the right thing. What he wanted was a bit of an asshole. Oh, right...

So, in the end, it came out fine. All over him in fact.

And I felt rather pleased with myself.

~ ~ ~

* He did, however, have that uncommon ability to cum without direct stimulation. No part of me was anywhere near his cock when he got-off. Twice.

Neat trick.