A call boy's experinece, up to a point.


Other Mundanities And Concerns

Shelter, and a working concept of the geography of my new home.

I have managed to secure residency at a bare-bones facility that should give me enough elbow-room to turn around (barely) and properly work through the classifieds to find myself a decent place. It's dawned on me that if I wish to live in comfort, like a functional middle class westerner, I'm going to have to get a room in a shared flat; preferably a house with a garden and climate control. As much as I adore living alone, and as much as I think it would afford me fewer complications if I didn't have to lie to the people I share with about my lifestyle and profession, I don't want to have to buy cookware, and the cost of a decent furnished apartment is a little beyond my ken. There are other things I'd like to be spending the money on: bring on the six hundred thread count sheets.

The advantage of being on an opposite schedule from the professional set is that I won't have to see the flatmates too much if I can suss out a living arrangement with say, a bunch of bankers, or quorum of accountants. Additionally, if I can find people unimaginative enough, it won't ever occur to them that they're living with a genuine whore.

As for discerning which way is north, the character of the distinct neighborhoods, and where I'm going to buy wine and unpasturized cheese, the only real solution is to walk around and drink enormous bowls of coffee to stimulate the discovery process.

I'd better get going.