A call boy's experinece, up to a point.


A Confederacy of Whores

My bread and butter in the sex industry have always been regulars. I have a knack for being defying expectations, and I must have that certain je ne sai quois, because they do keep coming back: oh, the Johns; bless them.

This also defies the norm, according to my associates.

That's right, associates.

I now belong to a loose confederacy of boy prostitutes, and this, besides changing my perspective on sex work considerably, is not something I ever considered, up until the point that I am now faced with it: a group of professional peers, with whom I can talk shop and get down to the somewhat bizarre and disturbing business of normalizing the trade, which (as I see it) is both a good and bad thing, all at once.

The boys are fairly diverse, the attitudes towards the work variable to the extreme; and the personalities are decidedly gay. Gay, gay, gay. Which is stupendously amusing. My experience has got me a little used to the straight boys who take it for money; these ones are lighting their cigarettes off of one another.

"You're the new girl on the block honey. Everyone's gonna want to try you once."

They do. The ones that go for the younger looking fellas, the slim ones. I've got that market cornered; but some of the bitchier lads were also adamant:

"They get over you quick though."

Maybe, but early signs show my old pattern asserting itself clearly. After a fairly modest opening week, my second has closed decidedly more flush than the first. A full third of my busniess this week were repeats, and yesterday one gentleman booked me early in the day, then called in the evening, to have me again.

I'm curious to see what happens when they start to clue in, those sharp, critical ones. Getting into this arrangement, I am also now prone to something else I hadn't expected, that sickly green hue of professional jealousy.

"What did we do that was so special?"

Nothing special really, but, as I've said before, I like to be good at what I do; and I have a great bag of tricks.